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  Agency Search & Selection

We research agencies and spend the time so you dont waste yours.

RFPs tell you what you want to hear but often do not uncover critical information you need to know.

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Conduct a Smart Agency Search.

A marketing agency search often becomes a time-intensive process that can drain internal resources and interfere with daily business. But the stakes couldn't be higher. Partnering with the right firm can inject new life into your business. But getting into bed with the wrong one can be a costly and frustrating endeavor.

Most organizations typically find marketing agencies blindly through industry directories or online search. Other times, agencies are retained based on misguided personal recommendations rife with favoritism and company politics.

To the untrained eye, agencies may appear quite similar, when in fact they can be drastically different. As an objective third party, we help you ask the pertinent questions, uncover differences, identify key agency strengths and weaknesses. We also know how your initiative compares in scope to their other accounts.

With an intimate knowledge of the industry landscape, we've put in hundreds of hours of agency research, legwork and time - so you don't waste yours.

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Without bias, hassles or high expenses, Smarti Solutions can provide you with:

-Needs Analysis & Strategic Counsel
-Company/Situation Agency Brief
-Agency Criteria Identification
-Agency Candidate Identification
-Agency Pitch Development & Management
-RFP Development/Refinement
-SmartScore Card Evaluation
-Meeting Coordination
-Client Buffering from Agency candidates
-Vetting & Reference checks
-Contract advisement
as needed.


Whether your budget is under $50k or more than $5 million, we can help shave weeks, if not months off of your search for a PR firm, digital and creative marketing agency partner.

Work Smartier today.

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