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Stand out

Your goal is to stand out, so why do most agencies blend in?

Your agency may be talented. But selling requires a different skill set.

Stand out

* Strategic Positioning - Punch-Up Your New Business Pitches & RFPs

Every advertising and communications agency differs in size, competency and culture. Despite this, most agency new business pitches look and sound remarkably alike.

No doubt your team is bright and creative and believes its presentation is unique. But is it? With the benefit of reviewing hundreds of pitches and proposals each year, we'll let you know whether your approach will make ears perk up - or eyes glaze over.

We'll analyze your agency's materials, uncover strengths and differentiators and may make website recommendations and assets to sell your solutions, while being true to your DNA.

* Lead Generation – Go-To-Market Strategy

We'll bring your agency to life through email copy in your voice that describes relevant work and why they should care and talk to you.

Leveraging your strongest verticals, desired target audience and geographic parameters, we'll develop a Go-to-Market Strategy and craft tailored campaigns to put in you in front of your desired prospects.

* Closing the Deal 

Experts at every aspect of the close-phase, we can help you prepare for an initial 'first date' phone call, through presentations decks and proposals to closing the deal.

We can also train you how to close more effectively.

Seasoned business development expert, Michele Harris has landed multi-million dollar deals for prestigious advertising agencies and digital marketing companies and can add value to your team.

Let's talk.

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