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  VC Pitch: Value Captured.

Your Value. Captured.

Michele Harris

VC Pitch

So, you have a fabulous idea or an early stage business and need venture capital. Most entrepreneurs focus on the business plan and technical presentation that lays out the details. Right? Nope, wrong approach.

Why? You’re asking a VC for something even more valuable than money. You’re asking for their time. Most entrepreneurs and business owners may be brilliant, but they don’t know how to pitch the short-attention-span VC crowd.

In a conversation, you have less than one minute to peak a VC's interest. He’ll spend 2 minutes reading anything you can get in front of him. And if you’re granted a meeting, you’ll have about 10-15 minutes to wow and win him over.

It’s all about how to present top-line information and make it easy to grasp. In this age of shortened and divided attention, you need an exciting sales pitch.

You can hire a designer to make you a pretty PowerPoint, but it may end up being pretty worthless. You can hire a business plan guru to create your presentation, but it will likely be boring and lack the sales sizzle to be effective.

Or, you can hire me, a Pitchmaster with 25 years’ experience developing sales and marketing programs for F500 companies and advertising agencies and landing multi-million dollar deals. With the unique perspective of reviewing hundreds of marketing pitches each year, I'll let you know whether your pitch will make ears perk up - or eyes glaze over. I've successfully pitched VCs at Startupaloozas, garnered top rankings by a team of judges and landed meetings with VCs for my client's startup business.

While I can’t land you a venture capital deal, I can make your pitch memorable, give you the best chance of being successful and make your venture more attractive for funding by providing you with the following essential elements:

• Elevator Pitch: A compelling summary of your venture to captivate your audience and invite interest in learning more: 30 seconds and 1 minute versions

• Pitch Presentation: Approximately 10 slides which cover key areas that matter to VCs: Purpose; Problem; Solution; Market size; Business model; Product / Service; Competition; Marketing plan; Team; Financials / Milestones.

• Pitch Coaching: You’ll need to be articulate, jargon-free, deliver the macro vision on-message and able to answer the tough questions – quickly.

• One-Pager Executive Summary: The entire pitch at a glance - a concise and powerful synopsis that addresses and answers key questions.

• Marketing Plan component to the Business Plan - Have you researched your competition, target audience and market potential? How are you going to create awareness and drive demand? If there is no market, there is no business.

It’s all about driving home the vision, capturing your value, and creating a compelling reason for capital.

What VCs value most is passion and the people whom they invest in. You bring your brilliant vision and passion. I’ll capture your value and help you pitch it.

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