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  Agency Search & Selection Process
Agency Search

Discover a better way to find qualified agencies quickly and confidentially.

Conduct a Smart Agency Search

Whether you have an initial list of prospective agencies or need help identifying a qualified lineup, Smarti can help. Leverage our expertise to vet agencies and make an informed decision based on your business situation.

Smarti provides the following, as needed:

-Initial List Phase: Candidate Identification / Request for Information (RFI)

-Semi-Finalist Phase: Credentials Meeting / Request for Proposal (RFP)

-Finalist Phase: RFP Responses; Potential Work Sessions

Smarti secures NDAs and facilitates agency briefings and team evaluation at each stage.

Depending on Smarti's level of involvement and the depth and complexity of the search conducted, the process could take @ from 6 to 12 weeks.

Agency searches are paid exclusively by you, the client. We do not receive any compensation from agencies.

Conduct a Smart Agency Search.

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